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My name is Patty D. Rickman, I have created “Serendipitous: Your Spiritual Oasis Awaits You” to answer my divine calling to offer an array of Spiritual tools. These tools can assist us on our path to becoming our truest selves and living a well life, body mind and spirit.

I am guided by a higher purpose that I have felt all of my life. I felt this inner pull to assist people in living their most authentic lives according to their souls journey. I have put together an array of Spiritual tools that are to be offered both online at as well as my Spiritual Oasis located in Long Neck, Delaware near the beautiful beaches.

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I had the pleasure of getting a reading with Patty a few days ago. If you are at all a skeptic she will change your mind! Patty picked up on my health issues, and other situations and she was spot on, she is phenomenal and I could not have had a better reading!!!!!
Anyone trying to connect with a past loved one or just a life reading, Patty is your go too!!!!

Zita B.

Patty is very passionate about her readings and makes you feel comfortable while she is able to tune in. Patty is able to feel things intuitively with little or no comments made by anyone, only giving my name she shook my hand and I swear I saw her connecting with me. She knew things she couldn’t have possibly known and gave me direction and insight that was right on. She helped me so much and gave me insight.
I recommend Patty and her new shop, Serendipitous you will be glad you went, she is amazing. Run do not walk to Delaware to visit her at her shop, make an appointment to have a reading you will be glad you did.

Jackie R.

Patty’s approach is honest, humble, and thought provoking. It is hard not to see that she genuinely wants to use her gifts to guide those that are in need of answers, help or light in their lives.
Patty’s passion, for as long as I have known her is to be accessible to those that are open to learning and living their truth. She understands that this is not always easy and that often people may be closed off to this. She is not pushy or arrogant. She is sensitive and believes that ultimately love and harmony are the attributes of a well-intentioned life.

I have witnessed on several occasions Patty seeing things about people that are not outwardly obvious. She has an understanding that goes beyond what is clear to most and is able to get to the “root” of what is there. She has a way of making those around her comfortable and is accepting of everyone. Patty wants everyone to live fully and is always supportive and encouraging.

I can say with confidence that a visit to Serendipitous and a meeting with Patty will leave you feeling renewed and enthusiastic about your future.

Claire T.

Patty is my go to girl whenever I need or want to feel rejuvenated! She is like my Spiritual guru whenever I need to have someone dial in and point me in the right direction on my path. She never pushes, and is there to intuitively suggest. She picks up on and seems like she is dialing into you, your vibration. I will defiantly go see her again!! Matter of fact I need a Salt Lamp and cannot wait for her shop to OPEN!!! 🙂

Becca L.

Patty was able to connect, her style is different and much more approachable than I have dealt with. She makes you feel comfortable, its like talking to a old friend.

Betty S.

I met Patty from a mutual friend who raved about how open and spiritual she is and that I had to meet her. Her presence was so warm and inviting, she made everyone around her feel so comfortable and accepted. As I was leaving, she shook my hand her eyes met mine and she said, “I feel a male energy around you very strong and happy, his laugh is contagious, almost like a comedian, a jokester, his name begins with a J, and he has this immense love for you, wants you to know he is at peace” As the tears were wheeling up in my eyes, I told her that my husband had passed the year prior and his name was James. She communicated some other details that only she would know if she was somehow communicating with James. I hugged her and told her that I would love to get a reading from her when she has them available. She is the real deal, honest and as real as they get, has a real gift, not just spiritual but with people in general. The feeling of peace flowed over me, I will be going to visit her in her new shop even though it will be a drive from Maryland, she will be worth it!!! She really has passion for making this world a better place; you can feel that when you are around her!!!

Lisa B.

Patty is amazing, real open and intuitive!! I will be coming to her shop, and I heard she will offer gift baskets, which I have not heard of for a spiritual store.


I am SO happy that Patty has decided to follow her dream and open “Serendipitous” here in Delaware!!! OMG we SOOOO needed this store and I cannot WAIT for it to open!!!!


Great reading, she really dialed in to my soul… She had the Angel cards, but I really believe it came to her naturally, she really has a gift!


I met Patty at a wellness expo and she has many gifts!!! I will be visiting her new shop in Delaware when it opens!!! She really takes her time and has such a positive upbeat personality! Its like she changes the energy in the room whenever she walks in!!!


Wow, is all I can say. I will be making another appointment with her soon!!

Jackie P.

Patty is my go-to person when I am in need of some insight or am looking for some guidance on next steps! Her ability to pick up on the energy around a situation or person is amazing and the compassionate way she shares information is so helpful. I highly recommend her for readings, spiritual guidance, mentoring and coaching! Thank you so much Patty!

Sara B.

This store is so well put together, it is the nicest store I have ever been in. I love the essential oils, diffuser, salt mini night light that I purchased, “Top quality”, the ambience alone was so beautiful and so relaxing!! I will be purchasing many more products. Patty has a description of the significance of what each product represents, not many places have that. You must stop in and see this amazing place!!!!!!

Maria Z.

I had the best time there today What an awesome place Patty is so friendly and I learned a lot from her today Will definitely be going back I can still smell the wonderful aroma of her store

MaryLou F.

I felt at peace and relaxed when I walked through the door. It was like all my stress and tension disappeared. The aroma was amazing!!!

Ralph H.

Love the store and the products it offers. I will definitely go back!

Cathy S.

I was there today! Love the essential oil diffuser I will be back.

Connie M.

Stopped in for the first time and was very impressed with both Patty and the store; very welcoming and peaceful, and my purchases were reasonably priced! I will be back for some holiday gift shopping!

Julia O.

Wonderful store, wonderful owner, local and easy to get to, very peaceful inside, and the smells are amazing. My husband was drawn to the smells and the peacefulness. Even my kids were very drawn to things and enjoyed the store. Patty the owner is wonderful and there for you. I recommend to anyone who needs a little peace in their lives, don’t we all?

Michelle H.

Great place!! Patty has a lot to offer here. A lot of oils, salt lamps, and crystals plus much more. If you get the chance stop in and you won’t be disappointed

Tami M.

Love it! Patty was very knowledgeable. A kind , friendly person.


I was so excited to hear about this store’s opening. I went yesterday on my lunch break, and hated to leave. Patty was absolutely lovely to talk with. I can’t wait to go back to learn more about her products, classes & readings. Positive energy, love & light abound here. Best wishes!

Teri G.

I had the pleasure of meeting Patty yesterday I see great things are going to come of this sweet spiritual place .Cant wait to go back !

Jerri M.

THis morning I had the pleasure of meeting with Patty Rickman for a card reading. I was taken back how much Patty could read into my past, I felt like this was someone who knew me my whole life. Just enteringing her shop was calming and relaxing. I look forward to continued readings and learning more about my spiritual oasis. I felt like a weight was lifted from me and ready to take on the day’s events. Patty Rickman you are so needed in Long Neck, I know I will be supporting your shop and encouraging others to do the same!

Pattie K.

Patty has an amazing gift! She gave me an angel card reading and was so helpful with everything in my life right now! I would recommend her for a reading! You won’t be sorry!

Mary W.

Excellent service, the shop has a variety of hand crafted items many of which are one of a kind.

Debbie C.

Amazing store! Patti is extremely knowledgeable about the products and tools in her store.

Todd H.
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